About us

Our farm specializes in growing of berry plants with particular emphasis on northern highbush blueberries. We produce qualified seedlings of: northern highbush blueberries, grape, blackberry, tayberries, honeyberries, as well as a blueberry fruit – American berries. We invite growers, shops, gardening centres and warehouses to cooperate with us. We will be pleased to welcome you to our farm. We do not sell by a mail order and retail.

Our farm exists in its current location since 1981. It is located in Chojnów Landscape Park and it covers an area of ​​8.5 hectares. It is located 26 km from Warsaw on the route Piaseczno-Zalesie Dolne-Wągrodno.

The farm has two divisions of plantation: berry nursery and northern blueberry plantation. We have many years of experience and expertise in the cultivation of northern highbush blueberry. We provide a very good quality of nursery material produced by us.

A guarantee of our reliability is our long-standing membership of the Blueberry Growers’ Association, which we are co-founders.